Sycamore is CapitaLand’s first project in the center of Binh Duong New City. It will open for sale the low-rise subdivision at the end of March, which is information that many customers are interested in. It can be said that this is the hottest project in the Binh Duong market today, so is the Sycamore project worth owning?

Let’s Evaluate the Pros and Cons of CapitaLand’s Sycamore Project in the center of Binh Duong New City, 365 Townhouses and Compound Villas.

Reputable CapitaLand Development

Sycamore was developed by CapitaLand, Singapore’s leading reputable investor, with 70% charter capital from the government. Currently, this investor is present in 260 cities and 40 countries.

CapitaLand chủ đầu tư uy tín hàng đầu Singapore
CapitaLand is Singapore’s leading reputable Development

When choosing a project from an international investor, customers will be assured of legal factors, construction progress, and project quality. Therefore, Sycamore will be a safe choice in the long term. It can be seen that the construction ensures quality, focusing on developing green areas and utilities, ensuring the ability to maintain and increase prices for the project over time.

Some outstanding projects of CapitaLand in the Vietnamese market: d’Edge, Define, Heritage West Lake, Feliz En Vista,… these projects all attract a large number of customers and have the ability to increase prices. To date, many of CapitaLand’s projects are still popular with customers.

Sycamore Location

It can be said that Sycamore is a project that owns the most beautiful location in Binh Duong New City, located right at the intersection of the two largest and most important roads of the new city, Hung Vuong and Vo Van Kiet. Besides, the project is also located in 4 land funds around parks and landscape lakes, which is the central core area being prioritized for developing industry, services, utilities and high-end projects from high-rise to high-rise. low rise.

Sycamore nằm cạnh công viên 75ha, gần Aeon Mall và tòa nhà hành chính tỉnh Bình Dương
Sycamore is located next to a 75ha park, near Aeon Mall and the Binh Duong provincial administrative building

Regarding utility connection: Located next to the central park, opposite Aeon Mall, 1 minute to the Binh Duong provincial administrative building. Within a radius of 3km, there are all amenities including: School system (Eastern International University, Singapore International School, Nguyen Khuyen Middle & High School,…), entertainment – sports system (Centre international exhibitions, Harmonie Golf Park, Twin Doves Golf Club, 2K International Circuit,..),  hospital system (Van Phuc Hospital, Phuc An Saigon General Hospital, Hospital 512),…

Trong bán kính 3km cư dân có thể tiếp cận đa dạng tiện ích ngoại khu
Within a 3km radius, residents can access a variety of outside amenities

In terms of traffic connection: Not only is it convenient to travel to important locations in the area, Sycamore also easily connects to Ho Chi Minh City in just 40 minutes via Highway 13, 7 minutes to the intersection. Tan Van – My Phuoc expressway, belt 3, belt 4,… From there, increasing the ability to connect large industrial clusters and closely link the region. This is also the future development orientation of Binh Duong.

The major limitation of the project is that surrounding residents are still quite sparse, so business activities are not yet bustling. The workforce is still mainly working in office buildings, administrative areas, and neighboring industrial parks. The speed of attracting people to this area is still limited, so the ability to increase prices is not too fast, however, almost all the infrastructure and utilities already exist, laying the foundation for long-term price increases. Therefore, the project is difficult to target for short-term investment but is suitable for buying, renting or settling down later.

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